Avalon Photography Marie Commiskey

About Me

Marie Commiskey is the visionary and creative muse of Avalon.

Photography is Marie’s passion – she sees the world with different eyes than most of us – she always has.

Born in southern Mississippi, Marie became friends with beauty as a very young child. Lying on her back in the humid grasses, watching the magnolia flowers dancing on the breeze, she studied movement and light. It is how her eyes and her mind work. Marie chose to capture nature, people, life . . . and make them timeless.

Marie attended the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi to study her secondary interest, geology, and then did her base study of photography with Winona School of Professional Photographers in Chicago. Later she studied with Santa Fe Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There, Marie had the distinct privilege of studying with some of her favorite photographic artists, such as Joyce Tenneson and Elizabeth Opalenik.

Marie’s intention has always been to capture the essence and personality of whomever is being photographed, reflecting their personal lifestyle, feelings, and Self. Marie works with her clients rather than for them, finding that collaborative efforts combine her talent, experience, and vision with their desires, to make exceptional family heirlooms.

Spirit, individuality, and creativity pour forth from Marie in all she chooses to embrace. Marie loves to travel, whether it’s road trips to the desert–especially the Southwest–or tours to Holy Places around the planet.

Avalon Photography Marie Commiskey